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Laser cutting with Salvagnini L1Xe
L1Xe: the laser that is economical, ecologically responsible and extremely competitive. 

Usage of L1Xe laser is making lean production a definite reality   

The principles of batch one production, optimum warehouse management, reduced work-in progress (WIP) and just-in-time (JIT) production are the core elements of lean manufacturing. 

Using simplicity to accelerate productivity, increasing the value of the final product by eliminating waste from the production process has made competitive advantage between Rade Koncar -TEP and the rest of the manufacturing companies in Macedonia.

L1Xe laser offers numerous benefits like:   
❚ reduced running and maintenance costs, thanks to the simple design of the source, the use of rotary motors in the compass and the elimination of optical path and laser gas;   

❚ drastic reduction in energy consumption,  thanks to the high efficiency of the source (η >25%),  far superior to that of conventional CO2 sorce (η <10%);   

❚ faster cutting speeds and rapid piercing, thanks to of the exceptionally high-density beam; 

❚ wider range of machinable materials, thanks to the wavelength typical of fiber, which means that highly reflective materials such as high-purity aluminum alloys, brass and copper can be cut successfully, as can galvanized steel; 

❚ simple and compact layout, thanks to the reduced dimensions of the source and chiller, and the use of an optical fiber to transport the beam, simplifying the architecture of the machine; 

❚ elimination of source warm-up times, as well as energy consumption.   


❚Steel (mm) – 0.5 20mm 

❚Stainless still with or without protective film (mm) 0.5-10 

❚Aluminium (mm) 0.5-8 

❚Copper (mm) 0.5-5 

❚Brass (mm) 0.5-5   WORK ARIA : Work table (mm)  3048x1524