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Concrete Compact Substation for power of transformer up to 800kVA Type TEP800
Concrete Transformer Substations are designed to provide electric power for administrative, residential, industrial and agricultural buildings. They receive electric power of MV, transformed it to LV and distribute it to the consumers.
Due to small dimensions this substation is an excellent solution for places like housing estates or hard-to-reach localizations not available for heavy construction equipment. Concrete Transformer Substations are operated from the outside.
Substations are designed to contain 800 kVA oil transformer, SF6 insulated MV switchgear up to 24 kV and a LV board.
The structure of substation consists of main body and roof - both of them made of concrete.
The roof is screwed to the main body through profiles.
Each compartment has an individual door with ventilation grates enforcing internal equipment cooling and proper ventilation of the substation. These elements are made of aluminium, powder varnished in requested color.
Bottom part of transformer compartment is an oil pan covered with oil-proof paint preventing leakage and environment pollution in case of transformer failure.
A cooling grate made of metal is installed in the panel under the MV switchgear in order to ensure controlled expansion of explosion gases in case of fault in MV section.
Oil pans in transformer compartments are designed to contain 100% of the transformer oil. Degree of protection IP43.
The prefabricated substations have been manufactured and tested according to the standards IEC 62271-202. All components contained in the unit conform to these standards. It means that their structure ensures full safety for both servicemen and by passers in case of fault arching.