Rade Koncar TEP – Award for best implemented occupational health and safety system for 2023

Rade Koncar TEP is the winner of the prestigious award for the company with the best implemented occupational health and safety system for 2023.

The award was given personally by the Minister, Mrs. Jovanka Trenchevska, on the occasion of the European Week for Safety and Health at Work.

On that occasion, Rade Koncar TEP expresses particular satisfaction and gratitude for the given award, and above all, we were recognized as a company that cares for its employees and provides them with a healthy and safe working environment, eliminating the dangers that may arise during the performance of work.

One thing that unites employees at Rade Koncar TEP Skopje is that all of us as a company are dedicated and focused on eliminating and preventing risks that threaten the health of employees in our work environment.

Health and safety at work, in our view, refers to all aspects of physical, mental and social health and safety in the workplace, and our aim and priority is to provide safe working conditions for every worker, without exception, that adapt to the specifics of the workplace.

The occupational health and safety policy of Rade Koncar TEP has as its ultimate goal, that the worker after working hours, returns to his family, safe and sound, with all the dignity and satisfaction, that we all build the tower of life together.