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Rade Koncar - TEP


  • 2006Rade Koncar – TEP

    Founding of the company Rade Koncar – TEP as part of the company Rade Koncar – Servis
  • 2005Buying

    Buying the company Rade Koncar – Electrical plants
  • 1996Privatization

    Rade Koncar – Servis becomes independent company in private ownership
  • 1990Rade Koncar – Aparatna

    The company becomes part of the holding Rade Koncar – Aparatna tehnika – Skopje
  • 1967Part of Rade Koncar – Zagreb

    The company becomes part of Rade Koncar – Zagreb, the biggest company in the field of the electrical industry on the territory of former Yugoslavia.
  • 1953Transformers

    Production of oil distributive transformers
  • 1948JUG

    The company JUG was founded – service and repair of oil distributive transformers and electric motors